I feel you

John Mayer once said in rows of melody,
” So I’ll check the weather wherever you are
‘Cause I wanna know if you can see the stars tonight
It might be my only right ”

i hope you still see the stars
without fears
pain and sorrow will fade away
i hope you still see the glow of the night
without tears
close your eyes slowly
feel it calm into your soul
don’t feel bad
let the cold of night giving yourself an inner warm

i’m hold you,
feel you,




you were born weightless
you float among the stars.
and you watch these worlds within worlds:
died, and revived.
Over and over and I,
I am that hallowed chest you left behind,
across the oceans,
miles and miles of words and emptied hopes.
so I speed through the nights in silence,
anchoring your dreams, I keep them not to go-
not to you, I want them to stay.
with me, they are all what kept me from leaving,
to be among the stars.
To be with you.

Teuku Rifqy, 2017

September Melancholia

At first there was laughter,
before long tears ensued.
Unceremonious and abrupt.
I lost my fangs,
and you gave up your antlers.
You were blood to my veins,
running thick and black.
I was your thoughts,
your flaming blue desires.
Cease your wept,
there are no longer us you keep calling,
in that long and dark night we used to call home.
We came from nothing,
And to that nothingness we will return.



by Teuku Rifqy

Air and Fire

Maybe you don’t understand

The chaos in my heart

What I felt for you

Slowly it’s consuming my breath away


Maybe you won’t understand

Yes, I don’t expect you will

How my mind is keep remembering you

In every face I see

I found you there

Yet, you are miles apart


Maybe you understand

It’s hard to be honest to yourself

About the conflict in my heart

If I have to choose between air and fire