As you see the edge of the ocean

You realise one thing

The eyes that you longing to see is there

The eyes that have same vision with you

The eyes that capture beauty

The eyes that soft and kind

Just like the ocean, you are willing to drown in that eyes


The eyes that is a reflection of your eyes

Until both of your hands meet

And shared the same breath


Air and Fire

Maybe you don’t understand

The chaos in my heart

What I felt for you

Slowly it’s consuming my breath away


Maybe you won’t understand

Yes, I don’t expect you will

How my mind is keep remembering you

In every face I see

I found you there

Yet, you are miles apart


Maybe you understand

It’s hard to be honest to yourself

About the conflict in my heart

If I have to choose between air and fire

Same Fire

You know how when your heart beats to the leaves that fall

That red-orange leaves in autumn

Beauty but tragic, you whispered

As the wind plays your hair, your eyes captured the clear blue sky

You love this city so much yet you still miss your hometown

This is your dream, you whispered to yourself, convincing your heart that everything will be fine

But, why do I feel lonely? 

And your eyes longing to never end

When the trees start to grow again, you will find another eyes to captured

The smile that you’ve been missing

You will recognise the fire in his eyes

It’s the same fire that you have

Both of you, together, will be the answer of thousand questions in your mind