Your heart knows better

When it doesn’t meant to be, it won’t meant to be

Just like when you see the ocean

The wind whispers the answer

The wave speaks the sign

All these illogical things keeps you thinking

But your heart knows

September Melancholia

At first there was laughter,
before long tears ensued.
Unceremonious and abrupt.
I lost my fangs,
and you gave up your antlers.
You were blood to my veins,
running thick and black.
I was your thoughts,
your flaming blue desires.
Cease your wept,
there are no longer us you keep calling,
in that long and dark night we used to call home.
We came from nothing,
And to that nothingness we will return.



by Teuku Rifqy

Air and Fire

Maybe you don’t understand

The chaos in my heart

What I felt for you

Slowly it’s consuming my breath away


Maybe you won’t understand

Yes, I don’t expect you will

How my mind is keep remembering you

In every face I see

I found you there

Yet, you are miles apart


Maybe you understand

It’s hard to be honest to yourself

About the conflict in my heart

If I have to choose between air and fire


Itulah pintu gerbang terakhir bagi kehidupan manusia
Akhir dari perjalanan panjang mahluk yang bernyawa

Seperti lahir, ketika kau disambut air mata kebahagiaan
Matimu akan diantar dengan air mata kesedihan.
Kau yang tadinya sendiri saat lahir, kembali sendiri saat mati

Kematian akan mengungkapkan jati dirimu sebenarnya
Apakah kau banyak berbuat kebaikan di muka bumi ini
atau sebaliknya

Banyak petunjuk yang diberikan Tuhan dari kematian
Umat yang taat, pasti mudah membaca tanda-tanda tersebut

Berdoalah dan berupayalah, agar kematianmu meninggalkan kesedihan yang mendalam

untuk yang ditinggalkan,
bukan sebaliknya



New Love

They said

The cure to broken-heart is a new love

Fresh new love

Just like a pink colour

It will caught your darkest nightmare

Brighten your empty night

Give goodnight kiss in your forehead

Holding your heart

Hug your scars

But most of all

Heal your pain



The inspiration behind this poem is actually from my ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. I know how hard and heartbroken he was when we were break-up. And when I found out his new relationship with this girl somehow relieve me. I’m totally happy with his positive situation and how new love can really is heal his pain.

How about me? well, love is not simply between two persons. I found love in many forms. In doing what I love, travelling, friends, families, strangers. I’m totally happy with what I have right now. And much happier know the fact that someone that has heartbroken is currently in a happy situation too.

So, cheers to life ❤