Your heart knows better

When it doesn’t meant to be, it won’t meant to be

Just like when you see the ocean

The wind whispers the answer

The wave speaks the sign

All these illogical things keeps you thinking

But your heart knows

Grow Together

How do you know it is love
You don’t know
You may never know

But you feel it

When it feels warm in your chest
When there’s tears in your eyes
When the past feels irrelevant
When the time stops when you are together
When everything feels better when you’re with him

It may not happy all the time
There will be sadness, anger, and grieve
But there also will be laugh, smile and joy
Sometimes lonely and boredom too

Yet, you will enjoy all of these things
And you still want to be with that person
Then you will grow together



As you see the edge of the ocean

You realise one thing

The eyes that you longing to see is there

The eyes that have same vision with you

The eyes that capture beauty

The eyes that soft and kind

Just like the ocean, you are willing to drown in that eyes


The eyes that is a reflection of your eyes

Until both of your hands meet

And shared the same breath