Nice Guy (Part 1)

I remember that night

When we kissed for the first time

As I expected, it soft, like your eyes

You hold me tight as if there will be no tomorrow

Well, I guess “tomorrow” will not come for us

And I am wondering

How could our body perfectly fit to one another


Soft Heart

She has a soft heart

A heart that easily break into lights when it touched

A heart that shine in pink radiant

That makes your eyes melt

A heart that soft, that makes you want to protect it

But she knew, only she can do that


Air and Fire

Maybe you don’t understand

The chaos in my heart

What I felt for you

Slowly it’s consuming my breath away


Maybe you won’t understand

Yes, I don’t expect you will

How my mind is keep remembering you

In every face I see

I found you there

Yet, you are miles apart


Maybe you understand

It’s hard to be honest to yourself

About the conflict in my heart

If I have to choose between air and fire

New Love

They said

The cure to broken-heart is a new love

Fresh new love

Just like a pink colour

It will caught your darkest nightmare

Brighten your empty night

Give goodnight kiss in your forehead

Holding your heart

Hug your scars

But most of all

Heal your pain



The inspiration behind this poem is actually from my ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. I know how hard and heartbroken he was when we were break-up. And when I found out his new relationship with this girl somehow relieve me. I’m totally happy with his positive situation and how new love can really is heal his pain.

How about me? well, love is not simply between two persons. I found love in many forms. In doing what I love, travelling, friends, families, strangers. I’m totally happy with what I have right now. And much happier know the fact that someone that has heartbroken is currently in a happy situation too.

So, cheers to life ❤

Comfort Zone

You and me

Pick a place together

A place for you to enjoy your Long Black, while me happy with my Latte

A place for us to be whoever we want to be

A place where you can laugh without hesitation

A place where I can cry without being scared

A special place that you and me can be together although separately live miles away

But you know, people said that

“Life starts at the end of comfort zone”